The beaches of son bou

For several years, Menorca has been a favored holiday island for millions of people worldwide. In the Alaior area of Menorca rests the tiny town of Child Bou. Boy Bou, San Jaime as well as Torre Soli Nou offer a few of the best beachfront vacation places offered on Menorca. The coastline at Son Bou is around 3 kilometres long, that’s simply much less than two miles of gold sands. The size of the beach isn’t as broad as a few of Menorca’s bigger coastlines, yet the length is incredible. Along the coastline you will certainly discover a number of lifeguards and also beach bars to provide food as well as drinks. A lot of the bars as well as restaurants have adjusted a British design. Others have actually chosen an extra international cuisine, including Chinese and also Indian. On the evenings they have absences, they include tests and karaoke. An additional great tourist attraction in Kid Bou is the huge labyrinth. For the thrill seeking traveler, there is never ever a plain moment. For the nature fan, inland from the beach, there are marshes and a shallows that is house to several well-loved and also well-fed ducks. Campsites are also available regarding 2 miles far from Torre Soli Nou. There is a place to remain for every single lifestyle or preference. If you are unfamiliar with such a system, ask somebody. Son Bou, near Santo Tomas is also well known as a biologist’s sanctuary.