Brazil rio de janeiro

Panic followers were fleeing in all instructions, the scene is extremely disorderly. In enhancement, the Brazil police for the World Cup last to make all the safety preparations. However, the followers are watching, a gang of robbers on the beach and robbery, causes fan in a panic, authorities rushed to the scene. It is reported, this gang of burglars in the group collected on the coastline armed robbery, take followers knapsack and fashion jewelry. Panic followers were fleeing in all directions, the scene is very chaotic. Trouble authorities hurried to the scene to stop. In addition, the Brazil police for the World Mug final to make all the protection preparations. Thousands of authorities and bomb disposal professionals have been ready, beware of the militants assaulted; venues near a flak, banning all business aircraft in the beginning after docked near the airport terminal; protection employees have actually been geared up with push-button control gadget, X optical scanner and also gas tester.