Barcelona beaches – where are the cleanest beaches?

The indisputable ambiance and also atmosphere evoked by constant tunes, beach volley ball and also football gamers and also frequent yells of beer, soda pop, agua, cerveza produce the uniqueness of the Barcelona coastlines. To the north lies the recognized Costa Brava which includes pinewoods expanding close to the seashore with branches dipping right into sea informing water of the wealthiest blue to tones of excellent blue-green. Likewise up north after Masnou lies Ocata which has a huge stretch of golden sand with fantastically clean and clear water. Surrounded by abundant environment-friendly hills, San Pol has delightfully transparent water that is never over crowded and lures many to make field trip over weekend breaks. On the other hand throughout the southern shoreline, you can find Costa Dorada renowned for its fantastic sandy coastlines. Tarragona is the main beach which is rather substantially southern of Barcelona yet once more has those waters that you would certainly witness on a dream vacation resort.